Art I've created professionally for video games & fanart for other games

Know Your Street Fighters

Created for the Combo Attack show at iam8bit gallery to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Street Fighter! It includes every playable Street Fighter in the main series. I wanted to focus on conveying each fighter's personality through shape and gesture.
Huge poster on sale from iam8bit for $25

Mario Dreams


Mona Scythian

Created for the Sword & Sworcery A/V Jam. S&S is an amazing amazing game for iPhone, iPad, Mac and PC.


An early piece to establish the feeling of Alice: Madness Returns, a game for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC, released in 2011.

Big Eyes

Early concept art for the titular character in Alice: Madness Returns, depicting the difference between her London and Wonderland identities. Ultimately the Alice model was heavily iterated and the in-game version ended up looking quite different.

Alice: Madness Returns color script

We made use of color scripts to keep the environment fresh and distinct as the player progressed, and communicate certain ideas or emotions. It's important to prevent 'visual fatigue' where the player gets weary of seeing the same sort of imagery or colors for too long.

Epic Link

A "what-if?" re-imagining of Link from Legend of Zelda with a gritty, pulpy look. I tried to include as many items from the game on his person, without getting silly.

Jungle Temple

Environment design for upcoming free-to-play game BigHead Bash, from Spicy Horse.

Baijiu Racing

Mood piece for a racing game based on Chinese vehicles. The idea was to emphasize local, street level characters, cultures and vehicles.

Ling Ling

Character idea / mood piece for racing game based on Chinese vehicles.


Character idea for racing game based on Chinese vehicles.

Bot Battle

Mood piece for a colorful, funky robot game emphasizing acquiring different robot parts or blowing them off of opponents.


Environment concept for a robot game.

Three Pigs

These are sketches of the three pigs, done during early pre-production on Grimm. At that time, there was no light/dark separation in the world, so the art style here is sort of in-between.


Character ideas for Grimm.